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Holiday Spectacular!

  • interchange original
20th Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philadelphia PA 19103

Saturday June 14th 2014 to Saturday August 23rd 2014

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Art is always an exchange of ideas – between artist and viewer, curator and community, critic and public, past and future – a cycle of call and response. Interchange brings together objects and actions created by artists in an even more direct circle of exchange and includes works that rely on reciprocity, interdependence and communion – as well as conspiracy, codependence and commerce - for their creation and execution.
Participating artists include: Trevor Amery (Detroit), Richard Ankrom (Los Angeles), Sophiel Aurora (UK), Maria Calendra (Brooklyn), Jenelle Covino (Brooklyn), Molly Denisevicz (Philadelphia), Dice Crew (Philadelphia), Casey Droege (Pittsburgh), Yevgeniy Fiks (New York), Matthew Fisher (Brooklyn), Hive76 (Philadelphia), Isauro Huizar (Mexico City), Sarah Koljonen (Philadelphia), Lilly McElroy (Los Angeles), Yelena Popova (UK), Potters for Peace (Boulder, CO), Sal Randolph (Brooklyn), James Sham (Washington, DC) and Joanie Turbek (Brooklyn).

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