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Ollin Yoliztli Calmecca

5236 Chester Ave. Philadelphia PA 19143

The mission of Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac is to investigate, understand and raise awareness of the Mexicayotl culture, which flourished in Mexico prior to the arrival of the Spanish in 1492. The organization also aims to provide new cultural outlets and opportunities for the Mexican community in Pennsylvania, and other places as well becuase Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac travel to present the dance and music, encouraging peolpe to be a part of the preservation of some aspects of Aztec culture. We want to expose the Mexican community of today to the cultural heritage of native Mexico. Aztec Dance has its origins in the cultures of ancient Mesoamerica, such as those of the Olmecs and the Chichimecs. These cultures have not been widely known since the virtual destruction of all the native cultures of the American continent since the arrival of the Europeans. In the Nahuatl language, Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac means: School of Blood Moving in the Heart.

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