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    About Us, with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for PhillyfunguideFunsavers, and Funperks!



    Since 2002, Phillyfunguide has been the Greater Philadelphia region’s “go-to” website for accurate and detailed information about upcoming articitic, cultural, entertainment, and sporting events. Administered by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, the site contains information on thousands of events and attractions. Go to the Phillyfunguide FAQ section for further information.


    Funsavers is a half-price ticketing service that provides weekly offers through as well as a weekly permission-based email. The program provides consumers with last minute offers of half-price tickets to entertainment events for the upcoming week. Go to the Funsavers FAQ section for further information.


    Funperks is the newest addition to the Phillyfunguide family of fun! Funperks is a community rewards platform that allows arts & culture patrons to earn points for engaging with the multitude of events, performances, and exhibits in Greater Philadelphia. Patrons earn POINTS for their social engagement and frequent ticket purchases via Phillyfunguide and Funsavers, and can use them to redeem some amazing PERKS, like free tickets, special discounts, and unique experiences at our participating organizations and sponsors. Go to the Funperks FAQ section for further information.



    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



    How do I find an event?
    (1)  Search for an event using the “What,” “When,” and “Where” boxes near the top left of the Phillyfunguide homepage or at the very top of any other page of the website. For better search results type your search term in quotes (EX: “Magic Gardens” instead of magic gardens).
    (2)  Browse our Category pages. There are over a dozen categories of events to choose from our dropdown menu at the top of the website. You can see what types of free, kids, theatre, and more events are happening and can narrow down your choices by highlighting tags.
    (3)  To search by dates click the “Today,” “Tomorrow,” or “This Weekend” links at the top of the website.
    (4)  Certain events will also be featured in the weekly Funsavers and Funperks emails.
    (5)  Follow our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social media accounts for the latest news on our favorite events.
    How can I learn more about great events and contests on Phillyfunguide?
    We feature select fun events, Funsavers offers, opportunities to earn points through Funperks, editorial lists, ticket contests, and news frequently on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so please follow us.
    How do I submit my event to be listed on Phillyfunguide?
    Submitting your event to the Phillyfunguide is free and is easy to do. First, use our search to to first check if your event has already been submitted so that we reduce the chance of duplicates. At the top of the page is a blue “Submit an Event” button after clicking on that button you will be directed to a submission page. Upon completion you should receive a receipt email from Phillyfunguide. If you do not receive your receipt and it is not in your junk folder, please email Our staff will review your event and it will be posted on the site within a day or two. Further information and tips on how to best use our submission form can be found on this how-to page.
    How should I format my event submission? Do you have any tips for how to best format my event submission?
    Use a photo that is interesting, high-resolution (the best dimensions are 795X600 pixels), not blurry, and looks good in the preview display. Images that work best are free of text since your event title will go on top of your image. Make sure your description is free of typos and factually correct. There’s no need to list the times or location in your event description since you will have to fill that out later on the form. If you are ‘creating’ a new venue while submitting, check the address to make sure it is correct and includes the city and ZIP code. You can include all dates and times for your event in the same listing – no need to submit the same event more than once. (The only occasion you would need multiple submissions is if your event is at multiple venues.) Further information and tips on how to best use our submission form can be found on this how-to page.
    How do I change an event once it has been submitted?
    Email us at with the link or name of your event and specify your changes.
    Where else will my event information appear?
    Besides being available to over 110,000 monthly visitors to your events may appear or be searchable on our partners’ web calendars including WXPN,, and the Independence Visitors Center. A full list of our current parnter calendars can be found on our partners page. Keep in mind that certain partners have paid contracts with us to enable them to filter events to best fit their sites. For example, some only feature events happening in certain neighborhoods while others may only feature kids events. We also feature select events frequently on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
    How does Phillyfunguide choose which events to highlight?
    We highlight content on the homepage, category pages, seasonal/theme pages, and our social media channels based on popularity and timing. We strive to offer a diverse selection of content and to fully represent the arts and cultural sector. We welcome input and suggestions on content.
    Can I advertise on Phillyfunguide?
    Yes! Phillyfunguide ads help you get even more reach for your event beyond our free listings. For details on advertising packages and rates, click here.
    Can I feature Phillyfunguide events on my website?
    Yes! For details on partnering with us to show Phillyfunguide events on your website, click here.
    Where else can I follow Phillyfunguide?
    We feature select events frequently on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Follow us!
    How is Phillyfunguide supported?
    Phillyfunguide is run by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance and is funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, PECO, and PNC Arts Alive.



    How do I sign up for Funsavers emails?
    You can sign up for weekly Funsavers emails by clicking the “Sign up for Funsavers” button at the top right corner of the Phillyfunguide website. Fill out your information in the drop-down, and you will start receiving Funsavers emails every Thursday morning.  
    How do I purchase Funsavers tickets?
    You can purchase Funsavers tickets from the weekly email. When you click on "More Info" you will be taken to a page to select the date and time of the event. Look for the orange "It's A Funsaver!" tiles and click on "Buy Tickets" beside the specific date and time of the event you want to attend then you can proceed with your purchase! You can now also view and share Funsavers offers directly online at
    Once I have purchased Funsavers tickets how do I redeem them?
    After you purchase Funsavers tickets you should receive a receipt email with instructions. Most events do not require you to print your ticket, but may ask you to present ID at the box office.
    Can I choose my seats when I purchase Funsavers tickets?
    In some cases you can choose from a range of seating sections (Orchestra, Balcony, Family Circle, etc.) but most seating is general admission and will be assigned by the organization selling the Funsavers tickets. Groups will be sat together when their tickets are purchased together.
    Why am I charged more than half of the price of the tickets?
    Funsavers discounts apply to the stated ticket price only, and exclude any service, handling, and/or facility fees.
    How do I unsubscribe from the weekly Funsavers email?
    If you do not wish to receive further mailings, please use this link to unsubscribe and you will be promptly removed.
    Why do some of the Funsavers events have a magenta P and say “+ points”?
    The brand new "P" symbol on some of the Funsavers cards indicates that the event is part of our new loyalty program, Funperks, and those events have a certain number of points that can be earned by purchasing Funsavers tickets! For more information on Funperks, click here!
    How do I submit my event to be a Funsavers offer?
    First, you must submit your event to Phillyfunguide (click here for instructions [anchor link]). Once your Phillyfunguide listing is submitted, submit to Funsavers by selecting the orange “Submit a Funsaver” button at the top left corner of the page. A pop up menu will appear for you to provide your half-price ticket information. Click here for our guide to submitting a Funsavers offer for the first time.
    What are the criteria for Funsavers offers?
    Tickets that are discounted 50% off of the face value of your current full price ticket price(s) - this is the FACE VALUE only, if you charge a per-ticket processing fee this can not be included in your Funsavers price. A minimum of 20 tickets must be made available at half-price via our online ticketing platform. Your offer must be submitted by the appropriate deadline (Click here to check deadlines). You must be a member of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance OR agree to pay a per-offer placement fee (Please contact for fee information). Click here for additional Funsavers submission details.
    What are the deadlines for submitting Funsavers offers?
    Monday: Offers due by 12:00 noon!
    Wednesday: Email sent confirming your inclusion in Funsavers.
    Thursday: Funsavers email sent by 12 noon to over 101,000 subscribers.
    Click here to check deadline dates.
    How will I know if my offer has been chosen?
    You will receive a confirmation email on the Wednesday immediately prior to the Funsavers delivery. If you do not receive this confirmation email and it is not in your junk folder then email
    Can I restrict the events my organization sells through Funsavers?
    Yes. For example, you may want to specify that your half-price offer cannot be combined with other discounts, or you might want to limit the number of tickets or admissions sold to each customer. You can choose which ticket prices you would like to offer at half-price, as well as the number of half-price tickets to be sold. You can also specify specific days or times for your offers – the discount does not have to be valid for every price point, or performance date and time you offer at full price.
    How will consumers redeem my Funsavers offer?
    Online through our ticketing vendor. Once a sale is completed, a customer presents a voucher and their ID at your boxoffice. You can access sales information at any time through an administrative log-in provided to participating organizations. You can then enter the patron information in your own ticketing software and have a reserved ticket on hold at will call.
    What do I need to do after my Funsavers offer runs?
    Nothing! You will recieve your payment by check within 5-7 business days.
    Can I advertise in Funsavers emails?
    Yes! For details on advertising packages and rates, click here.
    Can I sell Funsavers offers on my website?
    Yes! For details on partnering with us to sell Funsavers, click here.
    How is Funsavers supported?
    Funsavers is run by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance and is funded by PNC Arts Alive.



    How do I sign up for Funperks?

    To sign up for Funperks register your account on the Funperks page. Be sure to register with the same email you use for Ticketleap so that you will receive points for purchasing half-price Funsavers.

    What are perks?

    Perks are rewards that range from backstage passes, special access, free tickets to special events, and MORE! View our current selection of perks on our Browse Perks page.    

    How can I earn my first points?

    For detailed instructions on how to earn points, click here.


    What are my Twitter account handle and Facebook username URL and how do I add them to earn points?

    Your Twitter account handle is your Twitter username and can be found after the @ symbol or at the end of your Twitter URL (EX: @Phillyfunguide or Your Facebook username URL can be found from the top of the browser address bar when you are on your Facebook profile (EX: When you copy them go to the Details tab of your Funperks account, click the “Edit” button, and paste your accounts in the correct spaces then click the “Finished” button.

    How can I edit my Funperks profile information?

    Log into your Funperks account and click the Details tab. Click the magenta “Edit” button to update your name, contact information, birth date, and add your social media handles.

    How long will it take me to receive my points?

    If you refresh the Funperks page you should see your new points on your Activity tab. Points for Funsavers purchases will appear within 36-48 hours after you purchased your offers. You will not receive an email to confirm that you received new points.

    How do I redeem my points for perks?

    Visit our Browse Perks page to search for perks. Click “Redeem” at the bottom right of the perk card to read a popup window with more information about the perk. If that is the perk you want click “cart” at the bottom right of the perk popup window until you see it say “added” then click the “X” in the upper right corner to close the window. Click the “Return to Cart” button to return to your Funperks cart. Use the + and _ buttons to change the quantity of the perks you want or remove it from your cart. When you are ready to check out click the “Continue to Checkout” button. Select your shipping address, click “Continue” to confirm your perk then click “Check out.” You will receive an email confirmation receipt with information about redeeming your perk.

    How will I get my perk once I check out?

    Once you checked out you will receive a confirmation email from Funperks. At the same time the organization providing the perk will also be alerted and will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours with redemption instructions. If you did not receive an email confirmation from Funperks or the organization, first check your spam filters in your email account then email with the name of your perk and your account information.

    Can I track how I have earned and spent my points?

    Yes. Log into your Funperks account and click the Activity tab to see what points have been added and subtracted from your account. You will not receive an email when you receive points.

    Who do I contact if I didn’t receive my points, perks, or Funperks email?

    If the above methods and logging out then back into your Funperks account haven't worked then email

    Why did my points disappear after I deleted my Facebook post or tweet?

    As Funperks is a loyalty program we want to ensure you are fairly earning points so if you delete a post about a Phillyfunguide or Funsavers event you will lose your points.

    What happens to my Funperks data?

    We will never sell your Funperks data. We do use it for our internal research. for more information read the Funperks User Agreement.

    How is Funperks supported?

    Funperks is run by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance and is made possible by the generous support from The Barra Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts.



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