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    Published: April 15, 2020

    By: Kabria Rogers

    • Photo Credit: Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

    We know it’s not the same as being able to visit the institutions you hold so dear in person, but art and culture transcends physical space.


    Experience many of our beloved institutions right at home in your living room, bedroom or bathtub. Check out our top picks for the best institutions to explore 100% percent virtually.


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    Artworks by Mural Arts


    Philadelphia is known for its various murals in every neighborhood in the city. Why be limited to your neighborhood? With ArtWorks by Mural Arts, you have the opportunity to see all the murals throughout the city. Mural Arts is also offering virtual programs, HomeSchool with Mural Arts and Murals on the Fly. HomeSchool creates art-focused tutorials led by local experts and Murals on the fly offer tour guided commentary paired with never before seen drone video coverage of the Murals around the city.  

    Choose Your Own Adventure


    As the birthplace of the Constitution, Philadelphia offers some of the richest history in the nation. You have the opportunity to take a walk through historic Philadelphia, admire the architecture, learn the history, brush up on your politics, and ruminate over local villains long past gone.


    Become a History Hunter in Your Home


    Take advantage of the History Hunter lessons to participate in a variety of fun activities pulled from history like cooking recipes to early American medicine and tea making. Lesson plans change regularly but fun for any age or family.



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