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    Published: March 26, 2020

    By: Kabria Rogers 

    • People with their dogs hanging outside of the Delaware Art Museum.
      Delaware Art Museum

    Does your best friend have four paws and a wagging tail? If so, you have one of the best partners in crime, while you endeavor to socially distance. Philadelphia may be closed to outside socializing, but we can still engage in fresh air adventures with our furry friends.


    Check out some of these socially distanced approved activities with your four paw friends!


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    Puppy Watch
    If you are able to work from home, you have a built in accountability buddy. You can take this time to teach your paw friends all types of new tricks tailored to keep you in shape, from waking you up in the morning, to giving a disappointed look when you wear the same shirt (again).

    Puppy Cuddle Buddy 

    We know there are plenty of things to watch online between Netflix, Hulu and arts organizations sharing their performances virtually, but it’s always better with a friend. You have a built in buddy to snuggle up on the couch for your favorite shows and virtual experiences.


    Puppy Wellness Partner 

    Your four-legged companion requires you to leave the house, at least a few times a day. But even the sidewalks may seem a bit crowded for the daily strolls, taking the opportunity to visit Bartram's Garden, Fairmount Park for a view of the cherry blossoms and MLK Drive is officially shut down for cars.

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    Are your kids home from school for awhile? Here are some virtual resources to keep them engaged while social distancing. (Photo Credit: StartupStockPhotos on Pixabay)


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