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    Sir Isaac's Loft

    The Franklin Institute

    20th Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Sunday January 1st 2012 to Tuesday December 31st 2019

    • Sundays

      9:30am to 5pm

    • Mondays

      9:30am to 5pm

    • Tuesdays

      9:30am to 5pm

    • Wednesdays

      9:30am to 5pm

    • Thursdays

      9:30am to 5pm

    • Fridays

      9:30am to 5pm

    • Saturdays

      9:30am to 5pm

    If Sir Isaac Newton could design a playground we think it would look a lot like this exhibit. When you enter this “playground of experimentation,” you’ll be fascinated with falling objects, chain reactions, and optical illusions that bring Newton’s laws to life in whimsical and artful ways. Pulleys, prisms, and pendulums captivate the mind and illuminate classic scientific principles.


    Use levers to lift a heavy stack of bricks. Discover how a series of pulleys can allow you to lift your own body weight. Build a domino maze and create a chain reaction by toppling them all over. Gaze at optical illusions guaranteed to make you think your eyes are playing tricks on you! And don’t miss the centerpiece of this exhibit—Newton’s Dream, a kinetic sculpture that shows the transfer of energy within a system as balls travel along tracks to power a playful series of events.

    $15.95 - $19.95

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