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  • How To Submit to Phillyfunguide 

    Phillyfunguide’s submission form can be found at the top left of the site. It is a three-page form and needs to be completed before you can submit your Funsavers offer. Read this first so you can have your materials ready.

    First Page: Event Details

    -  Event Name (required)
    -  Description (required)
         Description must be less than 1000 characters
    -  Event Card Image (required)
         795X600pixels is the best size to use
         Photos should be no smaller than 500X500pixels
         Only JPG, GIF, or PNG files
    -  Slideshow Images
    -  Category and Tags (required)
          Use our white drop down menu to select an event Category
          Check the appropriate blue event Tags
    -  Dates (required)
          Be sure to note AM or PM so your event doesn’t end at 3AM
          Don't use punctuation in time; must be PM, not p.m. or noon
          A calendar will pop up when you enter Start Date and End Date
    -  Ticket Price Range
          Use numbers only
          No need for $ symbol
    -  Tickets and Submission Details
          These will be publicly displayed: Ticket URL, Ticket Contact Name, Ticket Contact Email, and Ticket Contact Phone Number
          These are only seen by Phillyfunguide staff and are required: Submitter Name, Submitter Email, Submitter Phone Number
    -  Accessibility
    -  Click orange button “Next: Venue Info”

    Second Page: Venue Info

    -  Start to type the Venue name
        Wait a second for your Venue to pop up (there are a lot of them!) and keep “the” in mind
    -  If you see your Venue, click on it to select it
    -  If you do not see your Venue click the link to build a new one
    -  Click orange button “Next: Organization Info”


    Third Page: Organization Info

    -  Start to type the Organization name
        Wait a second for your Organization to pop up (there are a lot of them!) and keep “the” in mind
    -  If you see your Organization, click on it to select it
    -  If you do not see your Organization click the link to build a new one
    -  Click blue button “Submit”

    If you have submitted your event successfully you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox or junk folder. Event listings are usually approved and live on the website within 1-2 weeks of submission; please keep that in mind when submitting. If you don’t see your event now, make sure to check back!

    Additional Submission Tips

    -  Use the site search to check if your event has already been submitted since we do not want duplicates of the same event
    -  We recommend submitting your events on a more modern browser, such as Firefox or Chrome
    -  If your event has multiple venues you should create a new event for each separate venue; if your event is a festival you can always note the other events in the description so users know to search for them
    -  When adding venues and organizations, use a complete address with street, city, state, and zip code
    -  Use a photo that is interesting, high-res, not blurry, and free of text since your event title will go on top of your image
    -  These will be on the event’s description page so use your Event Card Image again to have that part of it
    -  Utilize appropriate tags for users to have a better chance to find your event
    -  Do not put time and dates in the description, use appropriate field instead
    -  Do not type your title or description in all caps, we don’t want it to look like you are shouting
    -  Proofread your text description before submitting to alleviate having to make changes later
    -  Phillyfunguide has thousands of events so your event may not appear until closer to its start date
    -  See our Privacy Policy for events we will not accept
    -  Need to cancel or update your event? Email with the link to your event and your changes
    -  Did you know that you can click on your organization or venue names on your event listing to see how those pages look as well? If they don’t have your most updated mission, address, logo, or anything else get in touch so we can update them
    -  We do not approve events outside of normal office hours so submit your event sooner rather than later. Office hours are 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday.


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