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    Thanks for using Phillyfunguide to promote your event! Further information and tips on how to best use our submission form can be found on this how-to page.
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    Image Uploading


    Upload an image to be displayed on the event card. Images without text work best. Check the event preview on the right to make sure it looks good!

    Accessibility Note:

    The name of your image file will be used by screen readers for accessibility purposes. Please be sure to use a descriptive name such as "A large crowd clapping and cheering in an auditorium at the Cultural Alliance Annual Meeting"

    Event Card Image

    Required, Limit 1
    JPG, GIF, or PNG file format only
    Minimum size: 500px by 500px (best at 795px by 600px)

    Click the Choose File button or drag images onto this box to upload them.

    You can only upload one thumbnail image.

    A thumbnail image is required.


    Upload up to three additional images that will be displayed on the event description page.

    Slideshow Images

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    Please upload at least one slideshow image.

    Category and Tags


    Select one category for your event.


    Select all of the tags that apply to your event. These will help users discover your events when they browse and search the site.

    • Animals
    • Animation
    • Art & craft
    • Attractions
    • Ballet
    • Beer
    • Beer garden
    • Byob
    • Camps
    • Carnivals
    • Chocolate
    • Classes
    • Classes & workshops
    • Classical
    • Classics
    • Comedy
    • Culinary
    • Cycling
    • Dance
    • Djs & clubs
    • Documentary
    • Drama
    • Entertainment
    • Environmental
    • Experimental
    • Fairs
    • Family
    • Festivals
    • Film
    • Fireworks
    • Folk / heritage
    • Folk / world
    • Free
    • Galleries
    • Gardens & arboreta
    • Gay
    • Hip hop / r&b
    • Historically-informed musical performance
    • History
    • Independence day
    • Jazz & blues
    • Karaoke
    • Kids
    • Labor day weekend
    • Lectures & literature
    • Lgbtq+
    • Liquor
    • Modern
    • Museums
    • Music
    • Musical
    • Open mic
    • Opera
    • Outdoors
    • Parades
    • Photography
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    • Pre-k
    • Public art
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    • Running
    • Science
    • Social dancing
    • Special events
    • Spectator
    • Sports
    • Storytelling
    • Summer
    • Summer concerts
    • Summer movies
    • Teams & leagues
    • Tech
    • Theater
    • Theatre
    • Tours
    • Visual arts
    • Walk
    • Wine
    • Xpn arts crawl
    • Xpn welcomes
    • Yoga
    • Zoos & aquariums

    Dates (required)


    Select hand-picked dates if you have just a few events, or use the recurring date form to create weekly events or permanent attractions. When filling in times, make sure to include AM or PM!

    Recurring Dates
    Hand-Picked Dates

    Recurring Dates


    Recurring dates allow you to specify a range of repeating events. Start by selecting the start and end of the entire set of events (unless you are adding a permanent attraction), then use the Sunday through Saturday buttons to specify the times on each day. If you have additional one-time events that do not fall on these days, use the Date Additions field to input them. If there are dates that you would like to exclude from the list (e.g. because they fall on a holiday), use the Date Exceptions field to add these.


    Permanent attractions are things like museums, statues, or murals that have no start or end date, but may have visiting hours associated with them.


    When inputting times, please specify AM or PM.


    Date Additions


    Additional one-time events

    + Add A Date

    Date Exceptions


    Exceptions to the recurring dates above

    + Add A Date

    Ticket Price Range


    Enter the lowest and highest prices for your tickets. If the event is free, enter 0. If there are no tickets, leave these blank.


    Ticket and Submission Details


    Ticket contact information is public and will show up in the ticket section of the event page.


    Your name, email, and phone number will not be made public and will only be used by the Phillyfunguide staff in the event that we need to get in touch regarding this submission.



    Please only fill this out to provide information on any accommodations your event has for people with disabilities, such as wheelchair access, sensory-friendly days, open captioning, audio descriptions, etc.

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