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    Café Spice

    35s 2nd street Philadelphia PA 19103

    For years, diners were handed a limited menu when it came to Indian restaurants. They could choose either upscale, fine-dining establishments or low-end curry shops. There was no middle ground.

    Clearly, it was time to take the cuisine to a new level, according to Sushil Malhotra, who founded Dawat, New York’s most acclaimed Indian restaurant. With that goal in mind, Mr. Malhotra joined with Rajesh Bhardwaj to create a vibrant and contemporary Indian bistro – Café Spice.

    The first Café Spice opened in July 1998. Centrally located near Union Square, the bistro attracts a diverse crowd, including students from New York University, Parsons and other nearby colleges. The restaurant’s renown extends far beyond its immediate vicinity. It has received critical acclaim from a bevy of local and national publications, including Gourmet Magazine, New York Magazine, Time Out and Interior Design.

    In addition to their bistros, Mr. Malhotra and Mr. Bhardwaj created Café Spice Express. This streamlined version of the bistro started in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal Dining Concourse. The list of Café Spice Expresses has grown since then.

    Whether you want a relaxed, casual meal or great food fast, Café Spice has the Indian restaurant for you.



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